12 Hours. 12 Artists. A House Music Marathon

June 19, 2019


Next months’ Alchemy ’98 show is bringing the 1990s, the golden age of arcade video games, to life. What started out as a very nostalgic thought has transformed itself into an event that is inspired by games we, and so many of you, grew up with and loved. The decor inspiration comes from the very games we once played including Time Crisis, Super Mario, Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat and a few more you’ll have to wait and see.


Creative Director Mel Eishou says, ‘living in the arcade as a child; the adventure, lights and sounds, the thoughts of wanting to win prizes kept me coming back for more. It was the afternoon daycare we actually looked forward to and the connection to the characters and their journey still lights me up today. I wanted to bring this to life and what better way to do that than with house music”.


Alchemy ’98 sees a multi-room experience with 12 artists over 12 hours at one of Sydney’s longest-standing rave spots, The Bridge Hotel. We chose this venue as it allows us to run a 12 hour party in Sydney’s inner west. It has an amazing outdoor section, seamless flow and a tonne of memories from last year’s successful Alchemy show. It’s a space that allows for intimate connection.


Last year’s show was a magical experience as we brought the Psychedelic Wonderland theme to life through visual projection, decor, lights and a great sound system. We couldn’t see Alchemy '98 happening anywhere else this year.


The lineup is filled with artists that are having an impact on today’s house scene, both locally and internationally.


Alex Taylor • Illya • Kate Monroe • Lili Joy • L.O.U • Neon Ivy • OVEREXPIRED • Peekay • Sondrio • Teddy Black • Tinah • TK bby


The Alchemy '98 show is on Saturday July 6, 10pm-10am and the tickets are out now.


Alchemy '98 Event: http://bit.ly/DTHAlchemy98

Tickets: http://bit.ly/Alchemy98Tickets




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