Sydney's Premier House Brand Does It Again

August 17, 2018


Deeper Than House has been producing events for just over 3 years now and in those few years they’ve learnt to grow, adapt and challenge themselves to bring a show that captivates and mesmerises their audiences. This has been done not only through the power of music but also through their productions, freeing atmosphere and vibe.


Through their creative processes Deeper Than House continues to evolve their brand and shows such as Alchemy and their Halloween shows highlight this. They have been able to challenge themselves to take their shows to unseen heights and this month is no different.


With even more attention to creative production, set design and detail, Deeper are looking to take it to a whole new level with their newest interpretation Retro Rave. Set in the iconic age of the 80's & 90's and brought to with a modern fix, the iconic scene that once existed will make its way back for one more dance as they look to take on whole new heights at the legendary Oxford Art Factory in Sydney.


With a playful and evolving experience set to take place on Saturday August 18, you won’t want to miss this beauty of a night with a line-up that’ll have you dancing to the very morning.


Set to take place on Saturday August 18 you won’t want to miss this.  Dance until the early morning with the two-room venue and a line-up filled with local legends. The Factory room will bring it with artists Matt Meler, NatNoiz, SODF and TK bby and The Pitt will spread life with artists Attic, Illya Cooper, Tony Garcia and Varse.


I can’t wait to see you on the glistening dance floor.


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