5 Reasons Why We Call Civic Underground Our Home

March 19, 2018





Our journey with the Civic Underground began almost two and a half years ago when we first explored the impact of Deeper Than House could really have.


1. Its sense of community.


The intimacy of The Underground is something you just need to experience to know what were talking about. You can come by yourself and leave with friends that you’ll carry for a lifetime. It’s a place that fosters human connection (which is what we’re truly about).


2. Artist intimacy


The connection you feel with the artists is one you don’t get to experience in many other venues. You can feel the energy circulate through the room as each artist steps up to take you on their musical journey.


3. Its powerhouse sound system


One of the highest quality sound systems in Australia. You can feel the bass rush through your body as you’re taken away by the highs and lows of each and every track (let’s be real you’ve all heard how great the sound system really is!).

4. Extended lockouts & last drinks


We all know the effects that lockouts have had on Sydney night life and now Civic Underground is doing everything in their power to change that. They’ve recently been granted 2am lockouts and have extended their last drinks to 3:30am. This is definitely a step in the right direction.


5. The venue itself


This is something you won’t take for granted. Never waiting too long for a drink, the easy access to bathrooms, easy access smoking area, friendly security and the overall flow through the venue is something that can’t be denied.


We now return to the home of Deeper Than House in 2018, The Civic Underground, in the wake of a night to remember. With artists such as Cunningpants, Husky, Joss & Cesc, Alec Bonnici, Caraz and Ellie D you will find your sense of home with us as we explore the beauty and vastness of the House Music genre.


Tickets: http://bit.ly/2FL4iZY



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