Sitting Down With DTH Founder Ahead Of Their 3rd Birthday Celebration

February 12, 2018


For many of you that don’t know me, I’m the content writer Jayden and I’ve decided to sit down with the founder Mel to chat about Deeper Than House and to really get under the pulse of Sydney’s premiere house event. I caught up with Mel for coffee and sat and asked a few questions, here’s what I found.


J: For those who don’t know what is Deeper Than House?


Mel: For me it’s a platform where we not only celebrate local artists in the house music scene (Australia wide) but we also celebrate being human and our connection with one another.


J: What inspired the movement of Deeper Than House?


Mel: Well I mean, I guess taking it back to when I first started running events, it was to shine a light on the incredible things that are happening in Sydney nightlife but also to build a community of passionate music lovers, that’s the main thing really. To create and be a part of something we can all be proud of and what better way to celebrate it with music. House Music is the uniting factor.


J: What’s different about this event?


Mel: I think what separates Deeper from other events is that it’s not just about the party. Deeper is not a scene; it’s not about what you wear or where you come from, we don’t care what your sexuality is or your religion, all we ask is that you come with a kind and loving attitude & ready to support the artists. It’s about how we can make change once the night is over. It’s about working with the community to make a positive impact; empowering one another to help those around us. Not only this but it’s a combination of passionate music lovers, solid production and an experience that never disappoints.


J: What’s been the highlight of Deeper Than House?


Mel: It’s hard to pinpoint one highlight because there’s been 3 years of incredible moments. If I had to choose one it would be our Halloween show at the Metro Theatre. For me this really confirmed my direction and the big creative production is where I want to be. For me creatively, it not only tested me but it let me execute these visions I have. To see it come to life on the Metro Theatre stage was something I can’t put into words (and I’m never lost for words ha). It was uniting to not only work with music artists but to extend the platform to actors, street performers and special FX. It was an experience I’ll never forget.


J: Where do you see Deeper going from here?


Mel: I want to continue to showcase the incredible talent Australia has to offer. I want continue to create new experiences & building life long connections.


We then sat here at the café reminiscing on past events and having been a part of the journey myself for the past two years I am truly inspired to see where it goes from here.


Deeper’s next show will be a first of its kind. A 2 level boat party that has the likes of Colour Castle, TK bby, Tony Garcia, Niz, Antecedent, Dillan Joseph, Sass and Tilldawn playing on it so do whats right, get your ticket & come cruise with us through Sydney Harbour



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